NovaWAVE FA Accessories

NovaWAVE - A new category of Automated Microwave Digestion

Quartz vessels are also available with embedded bar codes. Calibrated Quartz Vessels can be used throughout the sample preparation process (digestion, normalization, analysis) avoiding labor, time and potential contamination in transferring samples. Compared to Teflon®, Quartz Vessels are more economical, last longer and contribute less potential cross contamination. Teflon® vessels are essential when using HF and available in 50 ml or 75 ml sizes.

The functionality of the NovaWAVE vessels and rack save considerable time compared to other systems and enhance the total sample throughput time through automation while dramatically reducing operator involvement.
010-600-081NW and MW Exhaust Hose Assemblyea Details
010-600-093Tool, Removal for Plunger Linerea Details
010-600-100Mixing Cap for Microwave Vesselea Details
010-600-110Weighing Support for Quartz Vesselea Details
010-600-115Weighing Support for Teflon Vesselea Details
010-600-125Startup Kit for NovaWAVE FAea Details
010-600-155Rack Complete 50ml Cal Quartz Vessels FAea Details
010-600-157Rack Complete 50ml Teflon Vessels FAea Details
010-600-175Rack Complete 75ml Cal Quartz Vessels FAea Details
010-600-177Rack Complete 75ml Teflon Vessels FAea Details
010-600-195Rack Complete 75ml FA, 10,25 & 50 grad.ea Details
010-600-300Rack Complete 50ml , Extraction, FAea Details
010-600-305Rack Complete 75ml , Extraction, FAea Details
010-600-320Rack Complete 75ml , Extraction, SAea Details
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