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020-050-501Microbore PTFE Tubing, 0.022"ID x 0.042"ea Details
020-050-505Viton O'Ring, spray chamber sideea Details
020-060-039Fitting, Yellow, for Mira Mist Nebulizerea Details
020-060-043Adapter, for Nebulizer in 35mm S/Cea Details
020-060-045Adapter, general for SCOTT S/Cea Details
020-060-059Tubing for Gas Lineea Details
020-060-060Teflon Capillary Tubingea Details
020-060-061Capillary Tubing (3 meters)ea Details
020-060-062Capillary Tubing with fitting (0.5m)ea Details
020-060-063Capillary Tubing 0.5m x 0.043 x 0.020 inea Details
020-060-064PTFE Tubing, Clear (30m)ea Details
020-060-065Capillary Tubing w/fitting, .5m (pk/10)ea Details
020-060-066Blue Sample fitting, Burgenerea Details
020-060-067KelF Nat. Fingertight Fitting (Black)ea Details
020-060-320Poly. Tubing, .044in ODx.017in ID (30m)ea Details
020-060-322Tef. Tubing, Red, .035" OD X .008" ID 3mea Details
020-060-346Gas Fitting, 2mm, PTFEea Details
020-060-348Gas Fitting 10/32 to Swagelock 1/4"ea Details
020-060-349Gas Fitting 10/32 to Swagelock 1/8"ea Details
020-060-351Gas Fitting for Thermo ICPea Details
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