High Purity Compounds

High Purity Compounds

High Purity Compounds for scientists who prepare their own standards or require high purity materials for matrix matching. Products are tested for impurities and are supplied with comprehensive Certificate of Analysis.

·         99.99% - 99.9999% Pure

·         Certificate of Analysis included with each compound listing the individual impurities

·         Available on a per gram basis

·         Tight control on the level of metallic impurities present in the material

·         Individual concentration of each impurity present - Not a total impurities number

·         Maximum flexibility


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140-140-070Cesium Chloride, 99.999%g Details
140-140-045Cesium Nitrate, 99.999%g Details
250-221-370Chloride IC Standard, 10 000 ppm (125ml)ea Details
250-221-371Chloride IC Standard, 10 000 ppm (500ml)ea Details
140-140-012Chromium flake, 99.99%g Details
140-140-013Cobalt Carbonate, high purity 99.99+%g Details
140-140-014Copper shot, 99.99+%g Details
140-140-068Diammonium hydrogen Phosphate, 99.999%g Details
250-150-780Dithizoneea Details
250-180-285Double Junction Ref. Elect. outer sol125ml Details
250-180-286Double Junction Ref. Elect. outer sol500ml Details
140-140-015Gallium Splatter, 99.9999%g Details
140-140-016Gold Splatter, 99.999%g Details
250-220-433HCl Acid Eluent concentrateea Details
250-300-690Hydrazine, 1,000ppm N2H4500ml Details
140-140-053Indium Shot 99.999%g Details
140-140-017Iron Granular, 99.99%g Details
140-140-071Lanthanum (III) Chloride hydrate, 5-9sg Details
140-140-054Lanthanum(III) Oxide, 99.99+%g Details
250-190-450Leaching solutionea Details
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