DigiTUBE,BoroSi,50ml,Calibrated (pk/6)

Item: 010-500-079
Unit of measure: ea

For analysis above 130°C, use borosilicate glass tubes. The tubes are calibrated at the 50 ml mark which conforms to ASTM Class "A" tolerance.  Maximum tube capacity of 62.5 ml.

Note:  For use with 50 ml DigiPREP systems.

Products meet the following tolerance requirements of ASTM Standard E1272.

+/- 0.10 ml for the 5, 10 and 15 ml volume lines on 15 ml Autosampler tubes (Class A)

+/- 0.10 ml for the 15 ml volume line on 15 ml tubes (Class A)

+/- 0.25 ml for all volume lines on 50 ml tubes (Class A)

+/- 0.50 ml for 50 ml and 100 ml volume lines on 100 ml tubes (Class A)

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