DigiPREP CUBE, (115V)

Item: 010-510-003
Unit of measure: ea
Description: The DigiPREP CUBE digestion system is an innovative, 25-position digestion block employing 16mm tubes, designed for Chemical Oxygen Demand and other digestions. Sample operations can be achieved through the keypad selection; by setting the required time and temperature. The instrument stores 2-user defined programs and 3-predefined programs. Temperatures range from ambient to 180°C, to within a 0.1°C accuracy of setpoint. The timer operates from 0 to 360 minutes with an audible end-of-cycle.
The Teflon-coated graphite heating block is ideal for durability and long-life. The block also comes with over-temp protection. The block size of 8”W X 8”D X 8.75”H is perfect for restricted lab space environments.
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