PVC Tubing, Flared 3st Or/Ye/Or (15)

Item: 022-133-005
Unit of measure: ea
Standard, Flared, PVC, 3-Stop, Orange/Yellow/Orange, Phthalate-free Peristaltic Pump Tubing by SCP SCIENCE.

Material: PVC

Style: Standard, Flared

Type: 3-Stop

Color: Orange/Yellow/Orange

Inner Diameter (ID): 0.0201” (0.51 mm)

Tubing Length: 17.91” (455 mm)

Inter-stop Distance: 2.83” (72 mm)

Pack of 15: Best value. Compared to traditional packaging, 25% more (+ 3 tubes) with the same price.

Resealable Bag Packaging: Facilitated tubing take-out and storage hygiene. An insert with a Color Code Chart is included for easy reordering.

All Pump Tubing are:
✓ Tested for physical and chemical properties: Meet laboratory standards.
✓ Tested for ultralow leachable metal content: Reduce the risk of sample contamination.
✓ Quality controlled with strict dimensions tolerance: Consistent flow rate.

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