Hollow Cathode Lamp, Potassium

Item: 030-150-194
Unit of measure: ea
OEM Number: 5610126200
Description: 1.5" Non-Coded; SCP SCIENCE Hollow Cathode Lamps (HCLs) are warranted to operate and emit the spectra of the cathode element for two years or 5.0 ampere hours of operation, whichever comes first. HCLs are also warranted to equal or exceed the quality and absorption specifications against which new lamps are tested, for period of six months or 5.0 ampere hours of operations, whichever comes first, from the date of shipment from SCP SCIENCE. The Emission Curve wavelength report included in all HCLs.

Promo: Free AA standard (single element, 1000 ppm, 125 ml) with each hollow cathode lamp or pack of graphite furnace tubes.
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