Sulfuric Acid, PP, 93 - 98%, Poly

Item: 250-038-185
Unit of measure: 2.5L
Hazardous: UN Code 1830, Sulfuric Acid with more than 51 per cent acid , Packing Group II, Class 8
Additional Information:
PlasmaPURE acids are manufactured with trace metals equal to or less than 1 ppb. Used for environmental and industrial applications in ICP-AES and flame atomic absorption spectroscopy.

  • Complete with a Certificate of Analysis with lot number, expiry date, & maximum specification for over 60 analytes.
- Complete documentation for audit purposes.

  • Refined for low trace metals analysis.

  • 2 expiry dates (up to 3 years unopened and 15 months opened).
- Long shelf life for unopened bottles.

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