Brand Names

  2. Conostan® 
    • PartiStan®
    • PremiSOLV®
  3. PlasmaCAL ICP Standards
  4. PlasmaFORM ICP Cones
  5. PlasmaFLOW Torches, Nebulizers and Spray Chambers
  6. EnviroMAT Soil and Water CRM Standards
  7. AgroMATSoil & Compost CRM Standards
  8. DigiPREP Block Digestion Systems
    • DigiTUBEs
    • DigiSET
    • DigiVAC
    • DigiPROBE
  9. NOVAWAVE Microwave Digestion Systems
  10. PlasmaTEST: Performance test Kits for ICP-AES and ICP-MS
  11. peCHECK: Laboratory performance evaluation test samples
  12. PlasmaPURE: Trace metal grade acids
  13. AluCAP: XRF Pellet reinforcing cups
  14. DigiSEP: Solid phase extraction cartridges
  15. DigiFILTER: Filter high particulate samples
  16. PlasmaTEST: Tests designed to monitor important ICP-AES and ICP-MS parameters. Ensures instruments are at maximum efficiency.
  17. AccuSPEC: Volumetric solutions, reagents and buffers manufactured by SCP SCIENCE
  18. PlasmaQUAL S22: Quality Control, multi-element ICP standard
  19. MultiVIEW
  20. EasySNAP: XRF Thin Films