Sulfur in Isooctane

Sulfur in Isooctane
Very low, low and middle concentration lines of Sulfur in Isooctane standards were developed in accordance with ASTM methods D5453, D4294, D6334, D3120, D3246, D396, D4045, D6212, D6313, D6428 for the analysis of sulfur in gasoline or other petroleume products. Stocked concentrations are shows in the table below.

Custom blends
If you require a concentration of an element that we do not routinely stock, custom blends are available and can be shipped within two working days.

Order A Custom Blend
150-430-010CONOSTAN Very-low Sulfur in Iso UV setea Details
150-430-020CONOSTAN Low Sulfur in Iso UV setea Details
150-430-030CONOSTAN High Sulfur in Iso UV setea Details
150-430-100CONOSTAN High Sulfur in Iso setea Details
150-430-101CONOSTAN S in Isooctane blank60ml Details
150-430-102CONOSTAN S in Isooctane 50ppm60ml Details
150-430-103CONOSTAN S in Isooctane 100ppm60ml Details
150-430-104CONOSTAN S in Isooctane 250ppm60ml Details
150-430-105CONOSTAN S in Isooctane 500ppm60ml Details
150-430-106CONOSTAN S in Isooctane 750ppm60ml Details
150-430-107CONOSTAN S in Isooctane 1000ppm60ml Details
150-430-108CONOSTAN S in Isooctane 5ppm60ml Details
150-430-109CONOSTAN S in Isooctane 10ppm60ml Details
150-430-110CONOSTAN S in Isooctane blank100ml Details
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