DigiPREP Start up Kit

The startup kit provides necessary tools in order for you to begin using the DigiPREP systems immediately. The kit contains  DigiTUBEs (RackLock style), watch glasses (010-501-081) and RackLock racks (010-501-550) for DigiTUBEs.



010-500-067Start up Kit, 50ml, Classic/MSea Details
010-500-069Start up Kit, 50ml, DigiPREP LSea Details
010-501-215Start up Kit for 100ml Jrea Details
010-501-235Start up Kit for 100ml MSea Details
010-501-255Start up Kit for 100ml LSea Details
010-505-066Start up Kit, 50ml, DigiPREP H/Jrea Details
010-515-040Start up Kit for 15ml H/Jrea Details
010-515-108Start up Kit for 15ml MSea Details
010-515-110Start up Kit for 15ml LSea Details
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