1.5" Series, Non Coded

Every hollow cathode lamp (HCL) is tested for two major parameters which affect analytical results.  These parameters are the HCL’s current – which affects the intensity of the source - and spectral band width – which affects the isolation of the spectral line.  SCP SCIENCE supplies information on these recommended operating conditions for each lamp to optimize your AAS.


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030-150-342Hollow Cathode Lamp, Seleniumea Details
030-150-332Hollow Cathode Lamp, Arsenicea Details
030-150-322Hollow Cathode Lamp, Germaniumea Details
030-150-312Hollow Cathode Lamp, Galliumea Details
030-150-302Hollow Cathode Lamp, Zincea Details
030-150-294Hollow Cathode Lamp, Copperea Details
030-150-282Hollow Cathode Lamp, Nickelea Details
030-150-272Hollow Cathode Lamp, Cobaltea Details
030-150-262Hollow Cathode Lamp, Ironea Details
030-150-252Hollow Cathode Lamp, Manganeseea Details
030-150-244Hollow Cathode Lamp, Chromiumea Details
030-150-234Hollow Cathode Lamp, Vanadiumea Details
030-150-224Hollow Cathode Lamp, Titaniumea Details
030-150-214Hollow Cathode Lamp, Scandiumea Details
030-150-204Hollow Cathode Lamp, Calciumea Details
030-150-194Hollow Cathode Lamp, Potassiumea Details
030-150-152Hollow Cathode Lamp, Phosphorusea Details
030-150-142Hollow Cathode Lamp, Siliconea Details
030-150-134Hollow Cathode Lamp, Aluminumea Details
030-150-122Hollow Cathode Lamp, Magnesiumea Details
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