Radioactive Nuceliotides

DigiSEP MRT - Radioactive Nuceliotides

The potential of teeth as a biological indicator of 90Sr2+ accumulation in the body has been pointed out since the early 1950’s. The DigiSEP Sr-01 cartridges can be used to isolate Sr2+ from the digested tooth sample.

010-751-067DigiSEP Column Tc-02 4.6x100mmea Details
010-751-069DigiSEP Column Ra-01 4.6x100mmea Details
010-790-057DigiSEP Powder Pu-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-059DigiSEP Powder Pu-02 (10g)ea Details
010-790-061DigiSEP Powder Sr-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-063DigiSEP Powder Cs-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-065DigiSEP Powder Tc-01 (10g)ea Details
010-790-067DigiSEP Powder Tc-02 (10g)ea Details
010-790-069DigiSEP Powder Ra-01 (10g)ea Details
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