Chlorine in Oil Standards

Chlorine in Oil Analysis Standards

The chlorine product line is designed for calibration of XRF, ICP, and analytical techniques. Stocked concentrations are shown in the table below. Other concentrations are available as custom blends.

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150-200-008CONOSTAN Cl Blank Oil100g Details
150-200-001CONOSTAN Cl Standard, 0.001% (10ppm)100g Details
150-200-002CONOSTAN Cl Standard, 0.01% (100ppm)100g Details
150-200-005CONOSTAN Cl Standard, 0.05% (500ppm)100g Details
150-200-003CONOSTAN Cl Standard, 0.1% (1000ppm)100g Details
150-200-006CONOSTAN Cl Standard, 0.5% (5000ppm)100g Details
150-200-004CONOSTAN Cl Standard, 1.0 % (10,000ppm)100g Details
150-200-007CONOSTAN Cl Standard, 5.0% (50,000ppm)100g Details
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