PlasmaPURE Acids


PlasmaPURE Plus Acids and Reagents

PUREacids are manufactured with trace metals equal to or less than 1 ppb. Used for environmental and industrial applications in ICP-AES and flame atomic absorption spectroscopy.

• Complete with a Certificate of Analysis with lot number, expiry date, & maximum specification for over 60 analytes

     -  Complete documentation for audit purposes

• Refined for low trace metals analysis

• 2 expiry dates (up to 3 years unopened and 15 months opened)
     - Long shelf life for unopened bottles

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PlasmaPURE Plus Acids & Reagents

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250-038-155Hydrochloric Acid, PP, 34-37%, Poly2.5L Details
250-038-175Nitric Acid, PP, 67-70%, Poly2.5L Details
250-038-185Sulfuric Acid, PP, 93 - 98%, Poly2.5L Details
250-037-132Nitric acid, 2N, PP500ml Details
250-038-151Hydrochloric Acid, PP, 34-37%, Poly500ml Details
250-038-161Hydrofluoric Acid, PP, 47-51%, Poly500ml Details
250-038-171Nitric Acid, PP, 67-70%, Poly500ml Details
250-038-181Sulfuric Acid, PP, 93 - 98%, Poly500ml Details
250-036-503PlasmaPURE Plus HF Dispenserea Details
250-037-159Hydrochloric acid, PP, 34-37% HDPE, 4Lea Details
250-037-169Hydrofluoric acid, PP, LDPE, 4Lea Details
250-038-201Acetic Acid, Poly, PP, GC, 2.5Lea Details
260-000-608Nitric acid, 6N PPL Details
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