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statement of quality assurance

At SCP SCIENCE, Quality is not only related to the actual product, but        SCP SCIENCE                                                                         FOCUSED ON QUALITY
to the entire process. When you interface with our company, we strive to
provide you with Quality throughout the process - information requests,       Providing Innovative Solutions to Analytical Chemists
quotations, order entry, product manufacturing, shipping, and after-sales
service. Our staff has been extensively trained and is profoundly dedicated   THE QUALITY YOU REQUIRE                                                             ISO 9001                   ISO 9001           ISO 9001
to providing a superior quality of service.                                                                                                                                ISO 17025       ISO 17025   ISO 17025
                                                                              SCP SCIENCE / CONOSTAN is very proud to announce
SCP SCIENCE operates under a Quality Management System that is                that the company is now registered / accredited to three                                                        ISO
certified ISO 9001. Our objective is to ensure full customer satisfaction     international Quality Management System standards:                                                           Guide 34
through the design, manufacture and distribution of top quality products.     • ISO 9001
By adhering to the requirements of an internationally recognized standard,    • ISO 17025                                                                                             ISO 9001
our customers are guaranteed to receive a quality product, time and time      • ISO Guide 34.                                                                                         ISO 17025
                                                                              This comprehensive coverage means that you will be receiving a
                                                                              quality product no matter what you purchase from
                                                                              SCP SCIENCE / CONOSTAN’s extensive
                                                                              offering, each and every time you order.

                                                                              We are committed to providing quality products and services upon
                                                                              which customers can depend.

                                                                              ISO 9001
                                                                              General Quality Management System Requirements

                                                                              SCP SCIENCE / CONOSTAN is certified by Intertek, an internationally recognized Registrar, to the
                                                                              latest 2008 revision of ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is a general internationally adopted standard which outlines the requirements for the
                                                                              implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS). Implemented in roughly 1 million organizations worldwide, ISO 9001 continues
                                                                              to be a highly regarded quality benchmark. The standard is not sector specific and can be implemented by organizations of any size which

                                                                              Always striving to better ourselves and toprovide products and/or services. Being ISO 9001 certified means that SCP SCIENCE / CONOSTAN has successfully

                                                                              implemented a series of quality oriented processes to ensure that the products and services it provides will continually meet or exceed
                                                                              customer requirements. In fact, being ISO 9001 not only signifies that we will provide a product meeting your needs, it is also a guarantee

                                                                              meet or exceed the needs of our customers,that we will continuously improve, all in the aim of enhancing the satisfaction of our customers.

                                                                              we have also been granted accreditation toSCP SCIENCE / CONOSTAN’s scope of ISO 9001 certification covers the full range of its activities including the distribution,

                                                                              design and manufacturing of analytical instrumentation and accessories, analytical supplies and glassware, injection molded parts, inorganic

                                                                              the latest versions of ISO 17025 and ISOand organic chemical standards and chemical reagents. Remember that all 9001 registered companies may seem alike until you compare

                                                                              the scope of their certification.

                                                                               Guide 34 by the highly reputed registar

                                                                              A2LA (American Association for Laboratory

                                                                              CANAADAc/ UcSAreditatiFoRANnCE). Being accreditedINTERNATIONAL to these
                                                                              standards acknowledges our competencyTel.: (800) 361-6820

                                                                              Fax: (800) 253-5549
                                                                                                                                     Tel.: +33 (0) 1 69 18 71 17  Tel.: +1 (514) 457-0701    
                                                                                                                                     Fax: +33 (0) 1 60 92 05 67   Fax: +1 (514) 457-4499     

                                                                              in performing a wide range of testing

                                                                              activities and in providing an impressive

                                                                              variety of Certified Rererence Materials, as

                                                                              outlined in our scope of accreditation.

SCP SCIENCE is a leader in the field of standards and volumetric
solutions and yet one of our key goals is to continually improve to serve
you better. This catalog includes many new products in response to your
requests and to the new requirements of governments and organizations.
Should you require a product that is not listed on the website, please do
not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Group. | e-mail: | phone: +1 (514) 457-0701
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